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  • Videos

Build websites / communities where members can easily upload, host, share and watch videos in HD.

  • Photos

Build websites / communities where members can easily upload, host, share and browse photo galleries.

Build websites / communities where members can easily upload, host, share and play web-based games.

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Build websites / communities where members can easily host and manage their own video/photo blogs.


Using our flexiblepowerful and reliable video, photo and game hosting / sharing platform,
you can now easily turn great ideas into highly profitable tube websites,
just like youtubevimeodailymotion,
huluflickrinstagramphotobucket9gag or miniclip.

 Videos, Pictures, Games & Blogs   With the latest ClipShare, you can now have Video, as well as Picture and Game uploading and sharing, all in one website. Each section can be enabled / disabled.

Search Engine Optimized    ClipShare implements Search Engine Friendly URLs, and other SEO techniques, for better indexing and ranking in search engines.

 Responsive Template    Allow visitors to browse your site, watch and upload videos or photos, through a responsive (Bootstrap-based) interface that adapts for any screen, offering a perfect experience on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

 Premium Membership System    With the new Premium Membership System, you can now convert visitors (guests) into free members, and free members into paying (premium) members, by enabling and configuring several permissions and limits for each user level.

 HD and Mobile Videos    Through the new Video Conversion Engine, uploaded videos are converted to web-ready formats in multiple resolutions and qualities: normal (FLV/H.264 MP4), high definition (H.264 MP4) and mobile (H.264 MP4).

 Multi-Language System    ClipShare's Multi-Language System, which uses language files, allows visitors to use the website in the language of their choice. Your aspirations can now truly reflect the global nature of the Internet.

Redesigned Video Player   Brand new, responsive Video Player, loaded with several features like fully-skinable UI, navigation bar auto-hide, SD / HD quality switch, scaling and aspect ratio selection, text ads during playback, pre/post-roll media ads, logo watermark, related videos playlist, lighttpd streaming support, social engagement (share, email, embed), and much more.

HTML5 Video Player Fallback
Your visitors can now enjoy video playback on devices without Adobe Flash support (tablets, smartphones, etc), by using the native HTML5 video player as fallback. The mobile version of the video is used, to ensure proper resolution, fast loading time and low bandwidth usage for mobile visitors.

Highly CustomizableClipShare uses the well-known Smarty Template Engine, and Bootstrap CSS platform in order for you to easily customize the layout by modifying the template files or integrate with your existing design. Unencoded source code access gives you the possibility of fully customizing the functionality of your website, adding new features or integrating with other scripts.

Multi-Server System  Our Multi-Server Architecture provides high Scalability, Reliability and Performance to your website. Store and stream videos from an unlimited number of secondary servers, load balancing your website and optimizing traffic. Lighttpd streaming can be configured and used on all secondary storage servers.

30+ Video Formats supported   ClipShare is designed to allow your members to upload a wide range of video formats, supported by the codec library which includes: MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, QuickTime, DIVX, MPEG, 3GP, FLV and many more!

Monetization Options
  There are several advertising areas throughout the site, where you can place banners. You can also have text, flash, image and video ads in the Player. Make advertisement on your own or Adsense and Others.

On-The-Fly Video Conversion
  Uploaded videos, which can be in any video format, are converted on-the-fly, in a background process, to MP4(H.264) format, allowing your ClipShare website members to stream videos on any device, in the quality of their choice!

Extensive Member Profiles
  A member profile can contain an extensive range of information like personal info, friends, subscribers, latest videos, photos, games, latest blog entries, comments on the profile, favorite videos, playlist, etc. There are also many ways to interact with a member and member profile.

Commenting and Rating
  Using AJAX technology, members will be able to instantly rate and comment videos, photos, games, blogs and profiles.

Rotating Thumbnails
  Videos thumbnails can be displayed as short animations with 2 to 20 different frames.

Grab Videos From Major Sites
  You can now automatically grab videos from the major video websites: Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion. This can be done by simply passing the video URL, and the Video Grabber does the rest, pulling the video title, description, file, thumbnails from the source website. Full Unicode Support   ClipShare supports full utf-8 in all areas of the site and the database: video/audio/image titles, description, tags, comments, everything! That means you can run the website in any possible language!

Upload Progress Bar
  Getting bored while uploading big files? Then you need this. Live progress bar with several statistics like: Percent, File Size, Downloaded KBytes, Elapsed Time, Estimated Time Left, Estimated Speed (KB/sec).

Messaging System
  ClipShare also features a built-in messaging system used by members to easily communicate with each other by composing messages and sending to their network of friends.

Advanced Meta-Tag Support
  Each page has its own title and meta tags. Especially for video / audio / image view pages, the HTML output uses as meta title, meta keywords and meta description the tags defined from posting the video / audio / image. The same meta-tag support exists for user profile pages and Channel home-pages.

Background Video Conversion
  Video Conversion is performed in a background server process. After a successful upload, the member doesn't have to wait until the conversion process is finished; he is redirected back to the website, while the video is converted in background, and will appear on the website when ready. This solves many timeout problems experienced while uploading/converting big files.

Comprehensive Admin Panel
  Configure and manage every possible aspect of your website from the Administration Panel.

RSS Feeds
  Offer several RSS feeds for categorized groups of videos (most recent, top rated, most discussed, etc).

File Approval
  The administrator(s) can now choose to Approve Files before they appear on the website. This function can be turned on or off.

Video Conversion Settings
  Configure different video conversion related settings for SD, HD and Mobile: resizing, video bitrate, encoding passes, sound quality, etc.

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